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Transport and Tissue Engineering


We have openings for one or more postdoctoral researchers in the areas of microfabrication, stem cell technology and organ-on-a-chip technology (cancer and cardiomyocytes)​. More information is available on the links above.

Our research program is focused in three different areas of transport phenomena and tissue engineering and include: 1) 3D microphysiological systems to simulate vascularized cardiac, tumor, and pancreatic tissue, 2) 3D microphysiological systems of the tumor microenvironment to probe mechanisms of metastasis including intravasation and extravasation, and 3) tissue engineered models of cardiac and vascular development. ​

We utilize both experimental and theoretical techniques. The projects are multidisciplinary and involve active collaborations at UCI with Professors Chris Hughes, Abe Lee, Leslie Lock, and Marian Waterman. In addition, we collaborate with Professor Karen Christman and Maike Sander at UCSD and Dr. Bruce Conklin at the Gladstone Institute in the Bay area.  Newer collaborations at Washington University include Professors Greg Longmore, Jason Weber, Stacey Rentschler, Lila Solnica-Krezel, Rebecca Aft, Cynthia Ma, and Ryan Fields.  The tissue engineering projects are supported by a fully-equipped modern cell and tissue culture lab, and actively employ modern stem biology techniques (e.g., differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells), fabrication of microfluidic devices using soft lithography, and non-invasive (optical) assessment or characterization of mechanical and metabolic properties of tissues.  We invite you to explore the lab in more details including specific research projects and the quality individuals that make up the lab.

Steven George, PhD
Professor & Department Chair
Biomedical Engineering